Will Fediw

Leadership | Communication | Relationships

I have only 30 seconds to convince you to keep reading, and I’ve just used four of them.

I'm a former military officer and oil & gas DIRECTOR who recently relocated to the hampton roads, virginia, area in order to be closer to family. 

i've worked in several of the nation's largest ports developing energy infrastructure projects, ensuring regulatory compliance, and developing crucial stakeholder relationships.

outside of work, My passion is for building influencers, coaching leaders, teaching personal/professional development, and mentoring the next generation. The world is changing, how we work is changing, how we think is changing, and leader-influencers at all levels must adapt and grow accordingly in order to be successful.

When I’m not engaged in work or family life, I’m actively participating in my community. I’ve also had the honor of speaking before community and corporate audiences on topics such as leadership, personal development, and communication.

I invite you to view my summary résumé, media samples, and blog on the following pages.


Bio Photographer: Clark Miller, ZOE Photography

Background Photographer: Kira Laktionov, Unsplash