Hi! Thanks for checking out my site and allowing me to share a little bit about who I am:

I spent eight years as a U.s. coast guard officer specializing in maritime safety & security, having served mostly in the Southeast and Gulf Coast regions of the United States.

I currently work in the oil and gas industry, continuing to focus on the maritime operational and regulatory aspects of the business.

When I’m not engaged in work or family life, I’m actively participating in my community. I’ve had the honor of speaking before community and corporate groups on topics such as leadership, personal development, and communication. 

Ok. Enough about me because that’s not why you’re here; I wanted to give you just enough for context. Let’s focus now on you!

My passion is for building influencers, coaching leaders, and mentoring the next generation. The world is changing, how we work is changing, how we think is changing, and leaders and influencers at all stages of life must adapt and grow accordingly in order to be successful.

but I have a confession: I’m not a guru, I haven’t “arrived” yet, and I'm exploring life just like you. however, I believe i have a unique set of skills and experiences that you might find helpful. I’m thankful to have had some small successes thus far, and I’m more than happy to share with you my journey.

Imagine that I’m simply another ship on the ocean, just a mile or so ahead, radioing you to share the dangers and opportunities beyond the horizon. I strive for honesty and utmost transparency, so I promise to never pretend to be what I’m not or have what I don’t.

If you’re looking to grow personally or professionally, in leadership, or in communication, I believe i can help. 

I love doing what I can to make you better so that you can do, have, and be what you dream of. I encourage you to explore this page, read some content, listen to some podcast episodes, and connect with me on social media. Oh yeah; it’s all free.

How can I help you today?


Bio Photographer: Clark Miller, ZOE Photography

Background Photographer: Kira Laktionov, Unsplash